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Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 01:38:40 CST 2005

> Okay, then explain the dinosaurs and carbon dating ?

The dinosaurs are mentioned in the bible, it is believed they died off
during the flood in Genesis.
Carbon dating is at best very unreliable, and can easily be doctored.

Apparently we have no evidence of man being alive at homosapien level during
> the periods of dinosaurs. Now I fully believe in creation and have

There are also no  even half-complete fossils of an evolving human being,
the only one scientists every believed they had was little more than a skull
and a hand as I recall and most of the parts didn't even come from the same
continents. Basically they fitted different bones together in a way that
looked like they could be fitted together. It's no better than claiming that
people evolved from rocks because rocks can be placed together to make
human-like figures (inukshuits, stone statues having human figures used by
the inuit).

very strong views
> that we, man are not animals and did not come from animals. But I do
> believe there
> was a very long period of time between dinosaurs and mankind.

I think the true facts are being as muffled as possible, if not completely
muted by governments and other organizations who think that if they can push
God under the rug they've effectively escaped him.

The rest may already be answered in other people's replies, which I intend
to read since I don't know enough myself to argue all of your points.

One main thing to keep in mind is that Christian research is kept out of the
media as much as possible, while anything having to do with evolution, even
if it's some guy claiming that his goldfish is evolving because it survived
2 minutes more than average outside of water, gets into several science
magazines, TV shows, and sometimes even the news as the latest undeniable
proof of evolution.
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