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> Okay, then explain the dinosaurs and carbon dating?

Carbon dating is a higly flawed technology whose eccentric
assumptions and vulnerability to inaccuracy has been well
documented elsewhere (try Google for details).

> Apparently we have no evidence of man being alive at homosapien level during
> the periods of dinosaurs.

We also have no evidence of their absence.  Given the fractional
portion of the earth unearthed to those levels no rational
scientific conclusions may be drawn.

The evolutionists insisted that ancient and modern man
could never have co-existed due to the length of time
the evolutionary process (with intervening levels of
man showing up) would require.

They have found ancient & modern man co-existing and
the evolutions have carefully avoided confronting that.

Reverse evolution more scientifically describes the evidence.

So-called ancient man merely represents defective cast-offs
from the so-called "modern" man's society (we have historically
driven away those who are different or defective).

This is why the so-called modern men lived near the water
and were healthier and the so-called ancient men lived
further away and showed evidence of lesser health.

> Now I fully believe in creation and have very strong views
> that we, man are not animals and did not come from animals. But I do
> believe there
> was a very long period of time between dinosaurs and mankind.

And the *scientific* evidence for this is ??


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