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> On 12/2/05, Chris Brault <gginorio at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> > AIG has many interesting things to say about Theistic Evolution,
> >
> > > I think theistic evolution is nothing more than an attempt to
> > > darwinists. That whole argument of God's days being millions of
> > > to accommodate evolution is a load of bovine produced fertilizer.
> > > bible was written for people, it was intended to be understood by
> > > people, why would the bible say days instead of millions of years
> > > it truly was millions of years.
> Okay, then explain the dinosaurs and carbon dating ?
> Apparently we have no evidence of man being alive at homosapien level
> during
> the periods of dinosaurs. Now I fully believe in creation and have
> very strong views
> that we, man are not animals and did not come from animals. But I do
> believe there
> was a very long period of time between dinosaurs and mankind.

The AiG site has a lot of information on pretty much every issue you
touched on here. Carbon dating is an old argument and flawed. They all
explain it as well or better than I. If you really want to know, check
it out. :-) AiG really enjoys talking about dinosaurs. They've even
wrote children's books on the story. Their creation museum, nearing
completion, includes life-sized dinosaur replicas & animatronics and I
think they have some real dino bones.

You might also see if an AiG speaker will be in your area. I hear great
things about their speakers.
> Also the word says, "And God said, Let there be light. And there was
> light."
> To be honest maybe God created a very large light, an explosion of
> energy and atoms
> and then played and mixed them together to form the heavens and the
> earth. Then gathering up the dust to form man. The word was divinly
> written and you are right for the people.
> But trying to explain a lightbulb in the BC years would have sounded
> ridiculas.
> I believe that what we have discoverd and are discovering everyday
> does not dumb God
> down but astounds me even more. I subscribe to New Scientist and
> everytime I get
> through one of those magazines I am in total awe of Gods creation!

I agree that God's creation is awesome, but it seems ridiculous to me
that he had to take a long time to do it. It is my view that such a
length of time for creation implies trial and error, my God is without
error. That said, I know some very smart people that disagree. Most of
them are scientists taught under evolutionary systems as opposed to
theologians taught creation. It is difficult for a scientist to leave
these teachings.

I also find it absurd that DNA or the complexity of the eye was a result
of evolution.

Please don't take my adamant position as an attack on you personally.
I've considered these things and seriously spent 5 minutes in full
belief that theistic evolution could be true, but came against what I
see to be unsolvable problems with the position.

> Remember a day is measured by a man made unit of time. If in 250 years
> from now
> we discover that 24 hours is not an efficient form of measurement and
> change to 13 Tanabursts that then causes the word to interpreted
> differently. We may even start to argue
> why God made the world a in third of a Tanadoppler, which is made up
> of 21 Tanaflips. Each Tanaflip made up of 13 Tanabursts. Gets ever so
> confusing ! Who knows we may even beat the daylight and never have
> night ! What happens to days then ?

A day is not a man made unit. It is based on the creation. A day is the
time it takes the earth to rotate on its axis. A year is the time the
earth takes to rotate around the sun. God set these measurements of time
in place. These are attempts by man to follow God's creation and are not
arbitrary. These units are then divided by man for use, but still point
back to creation.


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