[CS-FSLUG] volume command line argument

N. Thompson n.thomp at sasktel.net
Sun Jul 18 21:42:28 CDT 2004

If you want to change the master volume by a certain degree using a console 
command you'll need aumix, then just run "aumix -v [+/-]#", for example to 
raise the volume by one in the console you would run "aumix -v +" to lower it 
by 16 you would then run "aumix -v -16".

If you want to do this programatically throught KDE you'll need to use DCOP 
unless the KDE Multimedia libraries have some way to change the volume (they 
should although I havn't checked).

On 18/07/04 08:34 pm, David M. wrote:
> Does anyone know the KDE command line argument to turn the system volume up
> and down?

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