[CS-FSLUG] Yet another prayer request

David M. dave at edificationweb.com
Sun Jul 11 07:28:29 CDT 2004

On Saturday 10 July 2004 02:36 pm, Ed Hurst wrote:
> Out here in the boonies in SE Texas, there's no bus, and the trains are
> cargo only. My bicycle can only do so much, since the nearest retail
> store of any kind is 8 miles.
> Not that I'm whining, mind you. I personally have no problem with this,
> but my wife either has to pester folks for rides to work, or she has to
> quit. I'd be glad to see her retire, but I don't think the church can
> afford to give me a raise. For now, other employment opportuities either
> do not exist, or the Father says they aren't His will for me.
> Make of it what you will, but for now I'm just praying for another
> motorized vehicle. Our used Toyota just died -- "threw a rod" is the
> expression we use for major part breakage inside the engine. Replacing
> the motor is the same as replacing the car in terms of cost. With all
> the other mechanical problems in this car, the latter makes sense. The
> trick is to find one whose price matches our finances -- which are quite
> meager.

I totally know how it is to not have a car.

you'll be in my prayers Ed.

David M.

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