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Interesting, as an off-shoot discussion... Aren't communism values much
the same mindset as OpenSource software? Perhaps communism just has a
bad name because fallible humans are the only beings we've seen try to
make it work.

Of course, FOSS could also be seen as a democratic effort. In general,
developers on a project only are there if they want to be and they have
a say in the direction of the project. Still, there efforts support the
entirety of the community with little return beyond gratitude in most


On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 23:57, Fred Miller wrote:
> By Debbie O'Hara
> July 1, 2004
> NewsWithViews.com
> Before the politburo in 1987, avowed Communist, Mikhail Gorbachev, stated, 
> "In October 1917 we parted with the old world rejecting it once and for 
> all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall 
> never turn off that road."[1]
> Gorbachev was right. The entire world has been moving toward communism for 
> decades. Many people in the United States would be surprised to find that 
> they are thinking the way the Communists want them to think. While the word 
> "Communist" has become "outdated" because of its negative connotations, 
> communism is very much alive and well and thriving in America. Don't be 
> misled by whatever disguised name they use (e.g. socialism, 
> environmentalism, globalism, internationalism). The same collectivist 
> philosophy is behind them all. The goals are the same; the only difference 
> is how to reach those goals. Countless loyal Americans are working toward 
> communist objectives because their thinking has been subverted through the 
> psychological warfare being waged across America in government schools, the 
> mass media, many churches, the workplace, government agencies, etc.
> Instead of teaching the Americanist principles of our founding fathers that 
> were based on the eternal unchanging truths of a Creator, our nation's 
> higher institutions have been subverted to the communistic thinking and 
> teachings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. When the communists took over 
> education, they outlawed God and the teaching of the Ten Commandments - the 
> very basis of our moral and legal codes in America! We now have their 
> amoral system that has caused a tremendous breakdown in our legal system 
> and in our cultural standards of morality. Right and wrong are done away 
> with in a socialist system because raping, stealing, lying, and murdering 
> are all in a day's work when bringing about the "ideal" society. To 
> complete the U.S. subversion to communism, the Ten Commandments must be 
> done away with in every area of America life!
> The First Commandment tells men to recognize God as the Creator and Great 
> Architect of the Universe. We are created beings and this marvelous 
> environment in which we live was created for our enjoyment. It was not an 
> accident of nature but a careful design built on a system of law and order.
> Everything was made for God's purpose. This is intolerable to the 
> Communist. The first major premise of communism is that "everything in 
> existence came about as a result of ceaseless motion among the forces of 
> nature." All life, including man, is an accident of nature. There is no 
> God, therefore there is no design and no law. By chance since man received 
> the most intelligence, then he is god! Karl Marx, author of the "Communist 
> Manifesto" stated "The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted 
> civilization. It must be destroyed."[2] This is why our Marxist government 
> schools threw out God and teach evolution as fact.
> The Second Commandment tells us not to worship false gods, but the 
> Communists follow the ancient pagan practice of worshipping one another. 
> Their god is he who holds the most power.
> We are not to misuse the Lord's name says the Third Commandment. While many 
> people think this is about using the Lord's name profanely, it goes much 
> deeper than that. In a courtroom or before a Congressional committee when 
> someone says "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but 
> the truth, so help me God," this Third Commandment holds him accountable. 
> God will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name. Honoring every 
> oath in the name of God was a great source of strength to our once great 
> system of free government. If people just took their oaths as seriously as 
> they once did we would have far more justice in this country. But to a 
> Communist the goal is not justice, it is pragmatism. Whether his tactics 
> are "legal" or "moral" do not concern him as long as he gets effective 
> results. Communists don't like penalties for "perjury". After all, their 
> lying is for a greater cause. Our schools teach that "everyone must find 
> his own truth".
> The Fourth Commandment tells us to do our work in six days. The seventh day 
> is to be set aside for the Lord. We should be going to church, studying the 
> word of God, visiting the sick, etc. In order to remain culturally healthy, 
> God knew that His people needed this day to refresh themselves or they 
> would become ignorant. The American social order was built around keeping 
> the Sabbath. The Marxists know how important the Sabbath is, too. One of 
> the first things they do when they come to power is to abolish the 
> observance of it. How many Christians think Sunday is family entertainment 
> day?
> The Fifth Commandment protects the sanctity of the family. God gave the 
> state no power over it. The family was the ultimate hands-off private 
> property, but Communists don't like "Honor thy Father and thy Mother" 
> because children belong to the state. The "Communist Manifesto" calls for 
> "abolition of the family". A decree issued in the Soviet of Saralof in 1919 
> stated that no woman could any longer be considered private property. All 
> women were property of the nation. Another amoral Soviet document stated, 
> "There is no such thing as a woman being violated by a man; he who says 
> that a violation is wrong denies the October Communist Revolution. To 
> defend a violated woman is to reveal oneself as a bourgeois and a partisan 
> of private property."[3] Is this that "new world" Gorbachev said we're 
> heading toward? Is this the road he said we were never going to turn off?
> The Sixth Commandment is against murder. The sanctity of human life is 
> essential to the Christian. Christians don't make good Communists because a 
> Communist must kill on command and believe that concentration camps and 
> genocide are good when they are for a "just" cause. "Thou shalt not kill" 
> means that bodies are private property and socialists hate private 
> property. People belong to the state. The state may do whatever it wishes 
> with them.
> "Thou shalt not commit adultery" is the Seventh Commandment. For a strong, 
> healthy family, trust between mother and father is vital. They must be 
> devoted to one another and exercise personal discipline. This commandment 
> is contrary to the goal of abolishing the family.
> The Eighth Commandment says, "Thou shalt not steal". Communists find this 
> commandment dangerous as you might accuse them of stealing. Obviously they 
> don't steal. They have a RIGHT to all that you have.
> The Ninth Commandment says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." Since he 
> with the most power is god, the favorite Communist trick of character 
> assassination is necessary to get yourself to the top.
> Last of all is the Tenth Commandment. We are not to covet what is our 
> neighbor's. We must gain our own wealth by working for what we desire - not 
> by cheating our neighbor out of what belongs to him. Desiring good things 
> is not a sin if we work for them. This commandment really frightens the 
> Socialists because this is what they are really all about. Socialism is not 
> about helping the common man. It is about coveting the property of others. 
> It is a system where a privileged few dispense the necessities of life to 
> the serfs who work for them. Socialism transfers property to the 
> government, not to workers. It reduces the private wealth of those who 
> worked for it. A commandment against covetousness does not fit into a 
> socialist society.
> Those like Gorbachev who are working for a communistic world where ALL 
> human activity will be regulated have found a replacement for the Ten 
> Commandments. According to Gorbachev, the pagan "Earth Charter" will be "a 
> kind of Ten Commandments, a Sermon on the Mount"[4] that will guide human 
> behavior into the next century and beyond. It is already being adopted in 
> government schools, government offices, etc. around the country.
> A war is being waged between freedom and slavery. Unfortunately the freedom 
> side is losing because most of the would-be freedom fighters are sitting on 
> the sidelines. They are so confused over the "separation of church and 
> state" that they don't know what to do. Can't people understand that 
> throwing out the Ten Commandments is a major part of overthrowing our 
> system of free government?
> Then there are those passives that say fighting our enemies is unbiblical. 
> I realize that Jesus told us to love our enemies, but he never told us to 
> surrender to them! While Jesus told us to "turn the other cheek" to avoid 
> unnecessary quarreling, this same Jesus said to take a sword to preserve 
> life. (Luke 22:6)
> What can we do? We must start study groups in our neighborhoods and 
> churches. Studying Judaism, Christianity and Communism is imperative. While 
> many churches study other religions that they say are a threat to our way 
> of life, why not Communism? Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was in a 
> Communist prison for 14 years, urged Christians not to be duped into 
> believing that Marxism was a mere political or economic theory. It is a 
> religion based on Satanism! Many unsuspecting Christians are helping the 
> communist agenda along because they don't understand what it is. The 
> "Christian" Socialists are too numerous to count. What kind of message is 
> the church sending when so many people think Jesus was a Socialist/Communist?
> Watch out for churches and individuals that use a "Social Christianity" to 
> cover up the fact that they are not Christians at all. They are teaching 
> the principles of peace, brotherhood, tolerance and Christian charity to 
> obscure the conspiratorial aspects of Communist "peace". We are a nation of 
> dumbed-down Christians. We need more discernment, but the only way that 
> will happen is if we familiarize ourselves with Scripture. Then compare it 
> to communism to see that they have NOTHING in common!
> Whether or not we win this earthly battle for America and the Ten 
> Commandments, knowing Scripture is imperative. It is the only place where 
> we will find the knowledge and the strength to win this battle. It is also 
> the only place to find the courage and comfort we will need if we lose. If 
> the Socialists win, the persecution and martyrdom that Christians have 
> endured throughout the ages will make their way West.
> Footnotes:
> 1, 
> <http://www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0670_Gorbachev-_Man_of_Ye.html>www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0670_Go
> rbachev-_Man_of_Ye.html
> 2, Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand
> 3, The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen
> 4, The New World Religion by William F. Jasper
> © 2004 Debbie O'Hara - All Rights Reserved
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> comprehensive homeschool curriculum for her children. This led her to 
> closely examine the political direction our country has been following. 
> Debbie and her children are now active in the political process both 
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